Friday, March 11, 2011

Announcement Letter


Fm: Leondray D. Gholston
To: Colorado Republicans

Subj; Leadership of the Colorado Republican Committee.

Let me take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to our Grass-Roots activists, party veterans, and the people of Colorado. It was your energy, dedication, and ultimately votes that delivered significant victories for us just a few months ago. Working together for the principles, people, and policies that founded America and gave birth to the Republican Party we were able to capture our State House, keep our Republican Attorney General, and elect solid Republicans to the posts of Secretary of State and Treasurer. In addition to these we increased our representation in the federal House by 100% with wins in the 3rd and 4th CDs. These are but the cornerstones of the great foundation we have laid in Colorado. As your Vice Chairman, I want to thank you again for all your incredible work!
We look to the future with excitement and hope tempered by the reality of a bruising presidential cycle just around the corner, the natural uncertainty springing from the coming battle of redistricting, and the very real need to advance as one united Republican front to meet the challenges facing our state and our party as well. These are just a few of the serious challenges our next leader must be prepared to grapple with.
Now is the season in which we begin the process of finding and electing new leadership for our party. This is neither a “light nor transient matter”. Leadership will be the very mortar with which the Colorado Republican Party builds upon the great foundation established on Nov 2nd. Our Chairman will be the source of that leadership. That Chairman, will have a herculean task to perform. Fundraising (the importance of which is impossible to overstate) ranks very high on this list, however, the next Chairman must see that our “people account” is just as full as our “bank account”. He or she must grow our party and extend our banner to new segments of the population. Consequently, we must have a Chairman who is able to:

- Inspire Republicans from all segments of the population.
- Advance the principles and governing philosophy of the Republican Party.
- Defend fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, and limited Constitutional government.
- Establish a plan for making Colorado RED in 2012 and a bench to keep it RED thereafter.
- Develop a strategic plan for the long term inclusion of grass-roots activists and the youth.
- Integrate technology as a tool for two-way communications with the people.
- Engage, attract, and articulate our goals to liberty organizations, college students, and non-traditionally Republican audiences.

This job is not for the faint-hearted. This job requires a leader, a team-builder, a new vision, and a servant's heart. That being said, after much prayer and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I am this person. With this in mind I ask that my name be added to the official list of candidates for Chairman of the Colorado Republican Committee. I look forward to discussing the leadership and the future of this party with each of you.


Leondray D. Gholston

Why I am running for State Party Chairman

Greetings Colorado Republicans,

I have had a unique opportunity to watch and indeed participate in the leadership of our party. I have gained a respect, understanding and perspective of the chairman's role that few get to see. I know all too well the difficulties, long hours, and sleepless nights that certainly come with this job and I have seen one of the best wrestle with the spectre of trying to raise money in a tough economy. These are factors any would be leader must come to grips with prior to day one on the job.

We know the 2012 presidential cycle will be a difficult proposition in and of itself. The nine electoral votes Colorado will cast shall be hotly contested. Our state is a key state for both major parties and the battle for Colorado will be fierce. We must have a calm capable hand leading us through this storm to come.

I rise as a candidate for the party leadership. I believe in and am ready to fight for the timeles values of the Republican governing philosophy. I believe freedom still matters and that it is worth extending and defending. I believe we have come to a crossroads as a political entity. I believe steady, constant, and capale leadership is the best hope for our party in Colorado. I believe I am the best candidate to lead in the cycle ahead and I ask for your vote and support.